Where do I come from, where am I going?

An age-old question that has been asked again and again in the past and yet has lost none of its topicality!

A question that lies dormant in many or remains unresolved.

In India, the land of mystics and yogis, this question has a millennia-old tradition, and time and again there have been outstanding embodied souls who have solved and realized this question through their SELF-realization.

From the tradition of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mumbai, with his spiritual classic “I am That”, and Sri Ranjit Maharaj, Mumbai, a direct disciple who spent nine years with Sri Nisargadatta and then 18 years with Sri Ranjit Maharaj will come to us at www.santara-domhaus.de in September 2024 and answer questions from the ultimate stateless state (state of consciousness).

This teaching is known as Vedanta (Veda-knowledge and anta-end, final observations). Here, deep insights into the primordial ground of all being and the relationship between Jivatman (individual soul) and Brahman (the basis of all creation, known in the West as Unio mystica) are revealed.

Well-known great words (mahavakyas), such as

prajnanam brahma (Consciousness is Brahma(n)),
Tat tvam asi (You are THAT),
aham brahmasmi (I am Brahman)

come alive in the presence of a realized master, inspire and satisfy your longing for a deep, sustaining meaning in life.

These words, spoken by a realized master, have the power to remind you of your True SELF (Brahman)!

In the form of questions and answers, the veil of ignorance is lifted and the path is cleared for a deeper understanding of how the world works, your being and the spiritual source.

It is the answer to the question that Johann Wolfgang Goethe formulated so beautifully in the monologue of Faust 1: “That I may recognize what holds the world together at its core.”

In this spiritual lineage, which has existed for centuries, great importance is attached to a deep and crystal-clear understanding of spiritual connections, supported by meditation, a personal mantra, which the master gives you on request and with personal initiation, and daily spiritual songs of praise (bhajans).

No knowledge is required in this spiritual tradition! All events are free of charge or an event fee!

Organizational details

Registration: please send an e-mail to santara-domhaus@dr-purschian.de


Fri 20. September – Sun 29. September 2024
Tue 08. October – Wed 09. October 2024
Mon 14. October – Tue 15. October 2024
at the santara domhaus. Satsang takes place in the evening, see next section.

Tue 01. October – Sun 06. October 2024 in Budapest / Hungary. The location will be announced soon.

Thu 10. Oktober – Sun 13. Oktober 2024 in the Black Forest in the Offenburg region/ Gengenbach Zell am Hammersbach. The location will be announced soon.

Daily schedule on the days in the santara domhaus:

Everyone is invited to the hymns in Indian at 11.30 am and 5 pm. The chant texts including English translation will be provided.

Satsang begins daily at 6.30 pm and lasts until approx. 8.30 pm.

Satsang (Sanskrit: सत्सङ्ग satsaṅga m.; Hindi: सत्संग satsaṃg m.; from sat = true, sanga = company) literally means: being together with the truth. In Indian philosophy and in the spiritual teachings derived from it, satsang refers to a gathering of people who strive for the highest insight by listening, talking, reflecting, meditating and immersing themselves in the teachings together. It also means the meeting of people under the guidance of a guru or sage.

(Source: Yogawiki)


free of charge

Overnight stay:

A limited number of overnight accommodations are available in the santara domhaus, as well as in our semi-open garden summer house and in the stone circles in our garden at camping level.

Early registration at santara-domhaus@dr-purschian.de is necessary.

The Hotel Malchen is within walking distance of the santara domhaus.

There are also various airbnb accommodations and hotels in the neighboring towns and in Darmstadt.

Literature (English):

„I am That“, a spiritual classic after 50 years of publication, Talks of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, compiled by Maurice Frydman, first Edition 1973

„Master of Self-Realisation“, an Ultimate Understanding. 130 Talks given by the Master of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Sri Ranjit Maharaj, Sri Siddharaweshwar Maharaj. In this book you can find very clear and very precise knowledge about spiritual wisdom and reaching your own true SELF.
You can order this book through e-mail to santara-domhaus@dr-purschian.de. Cost: 20 € plus postage 11€

„Illusion vs. Reality“, Dialogues with Shri Ranjit Maharaj, on stateless state. Talks given 1996-1999. You can order this book through e-mail to santara-domhaus@dr-purschian.de. Cost: 10€ plus postage 11€