Vibration Therapy – Training  in santara domhaus

Find Strength, enjoy Healing Energy

Vibration Therapy is an important pillar in the profound exploration of our spiritual resources. You can “experience” this high-energy holistic healing method on taster days, introductory weekends, basic trainings and advanced trainings at the santara domhaus. Guided by the certified vibration therapist and physician Bernd Purschian, you will be introduced to this potent healing method of the New Age and practice the therapeutic use of energized rock crystals.

Bernd Purschian, MD, has been on the spiritual path for more than thirty years. He has learned vibration therapy in a well-founded way, has been using it daily for almost a decade and has been continuously developing it since 2014.

Vibration Therapy Step by Step

Taster days are a wonderful opportunity to get a first impression of Vibration Therapy and the endless possibilities it offers. Here, the Green crystal qualities of the Aura Set are made available to you, along with corresponding initial healing fields.

In the next step, we invite you to participate in an introductory weekend to Vibration Therapy, three of which are offered in loose succession. At each of the introductory weekends, some of the crystal series of the Aura Set will be made available to you, so that after three introductory seminars you will be able to use the whole Aura Set and work with many healing fields.

If you have participated in at least one introductory weekend, you can participate in the Vibration Therapy Basic Training, which takes place over four weekends.  In the Basic Training, the Aura Set and the Atlantean Set will be made available to you, and you will learn countless healing fields for yourself, for others and for your environment.

In the years 2022 to 2024 there will also be an intensive three-year Vibration Therapy training in German for advanced students, the contents of which you will find in the event descriptions. This three-year training requires the participation in the Basic Training. Here the intense energies of the Cosmic Set will be made available to the participants and they will become acquainted with many cosmic healing fields. At the same time, this three-year training means an intensive treading of the path of consciousness.

The basic training in Vibration Therapy is suitable for you if you want to create your life and your environment from your spiritual power and are open and curious to learn a highly energetic holistic healing method of the new quality of time.

This is what the basic training brings you

  • Helps you to help yourself, to get back into a good relationship with yourself and others

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of how to build healing fields with soul crystals – for yourself, for people in your private and professional environment, for your living and working space, for situations, for clients.

  • The energetic tool to build up the healing fields mentally

  • Exciting details about star knowledge

  • Training and expansion of your mediumship and intuition

  • Practical support on your path of consciousness

  • Contact with other spiritually interested people in the high-energy santara domhaus

  • Support for your personal soul path and for healing on all levels for yourself, for clients and people around you

About Vibration Therapy
Vibration Therapy is a holistic healing system of the New Age. Vibration Therapy works with healing fields of energized mountai crystals that change vibration through light and healed communication.

  • Thus, a healed being on the levels of body, soul and spirit becomes possible.
  • The path for spiritual and emotional development can be prepared, physical ailments can subside.
  • Vitality and confidence can flourish again, luminous thoughts can open the mind.
  • Access to the soul can be strengthened.

A central concept in Vibration Therapy is healed communication: When all cells in the body, all organs and other structures are communicating optimally, the person is physically healthy. When all members of a community communicate optimally, there are no problems. Thus, Vibration Therapy harmonizes at all levels at which it is used.

More about Vibration Therapy

„If you want to unlock the mystery of the universe, you have to start thinking in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.“

Zitat von Nikola Tesla