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In this workshop you will get the basic knowledge and a basic understanding of the simple, efficient and profound possibilities of Vibration Therapy. In Vibration Therapy, we work with so-called Healing Fields to bring harmony, clarity and healing.

Deep meditations will contribute to your healing and will make some of the energies of Vibration Therapy available for you in everyday use. You will get to know some Healing Fields with their respective application spectrum. Thus you can apply the acquired knowledge directly after the seminar to get healing for yourself or others.


General Information

In Vibration Therapy, we work with energy fields built up by energized mountain crystals, which change the vibration via light-filled and healed communication. Thus a healed being on the levels of body, soul and spirit becomes possible. This energy work can also be applied in daily family and professional life and in all areas where you wish more healed communication and vitality.

Bernd Purschian, M.D., specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy with a clinic in Darmstadt, Germany, completed an intensive Vibration Therapy training from 2010 to 2015. Since then he has been using this form of therapy with great success and has been developing it further since 2014.


Seminar time

Friday, 9 October, 10.00 to about 18.00 via Zoom live from santara domhaus (Berlin time!)

With small breaks and a lunch break of about 90 minutes around 1.30 p.m.


Registration and Participation Fee:

There are two possible ways of registration:

  • You send an email to with the information that you would like to participate in the seminar. We then send you our IBAN and BIC and ask you to transfer the amount of 120 €, with your name as purpose. As soon as this amount is on our bank account, we send you the Zoom link for the seminar to your email address.
  • You use the paypal button in our shop  for paying. As soon as we receive your participation fee, we’ll send you the Zoom link for the seminar through email.


Further information: